Did you know that one in five children in America lives in poverty? Astonishing isn’t it?

As the saying goes, “there is a third world country right in your backyard.” Americans Helping Americans® is taking a stand to alleviate the distress Americans in Appalachia encounter by creating long-term solutions to hunger, limited education, substandard housing and medical care.

Our ultimate goal is to stimulate self-sufficiency among our fellow Americans in need.

By supporting Americans Helping Americans®, you are helping families who worry about where their next meal will come from; you are providing new shoes for a child and giving them a reason to look forward to the first day of school. In addition, you are supporting our Clothing and Emergency Assistance Service Program which provides individuals and families with emergency home repairs and clothing.

We work in close partnership with local churches, civic groups, and grassroots organization to build poverty stricken neighborhoods and enrich lifestyles.

Thanks to your support and gifts in 2013, we were able to help MORE THAN 25,000 children, families, and veterans with food, clothing, utilities, medical care, toys for Christmas and turkeys for Thanksgiving. We also helped MORE THAN 860 people with much-needed house repairs to make their homes safer for them and their children.

Looking back we’re so proud of all that we were able to accomplish, with your help, throughout some of the most desperate areas in Appalachia and throughout America. In 2014, we’ve set our sights even higher and hope to help many more!