It’s practically impossible for the vast majority of Americans to comprehend – much less imagine living in — such conditions of squalor.

For thousands in Appalachia, living in a decrepit house, on a meager fixed income and no means to repair leaking roofs, rotten floors, and, in many cases, not even being able to get in or out of their house on their own due to a lack of a handicap ramp, it is just another day.

But it does not have to be that way. Thanks to your generous donations, Americans Helping Americans® is able to provide financial resources to our partners in Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia to not only make the house habitable, but safe, particularly for families with children and the elderly… and a place they can be proud to call “home.”

The transformation you can see for yourself  is not only remarkable, it some instances it’s even been called miraculous by our partner, Big Creek People in Action, in War, West Virginia.

In partnership with organizations such as Big Creek People in Action, Appalachian Outreach in Johnson City Jefferson City, Tennessee, and Of One Accord in Rogersville, Tennessee, together, with Americans Helping Americans® providing funding to purchase building supplies from local merchants, and the grassroots groups organizing volunteers providing free skilled labor, hundreds of home repairs are completed during the summer benefiting thousands.

On behalf of those thousands of children who have a safe bedroom where they can lay their head, and those senior citizens who can now enter and exit their home on their own as they wish with a new handicap ramp, we thank you.