Food or heat? Rent or electricity? Life or death?

Make your donation in support of our programs today!Many living in Appalachia have to face these hard choices each day. When choosing to buy food for their children, or pay the rent to avoid eviction, coming up with the money to prevent the utilities from being turned off can be a difficult, if not impossible task.

That’s why Americans Helping Americans®, thanks to your support, is proud to be able to provide emergency utility assistance funding to our partner organizations in Appalachia so that children, families and seniors can keep the lights on and the furnace running – without being forced to make such a choice.

For some with medical needs, such as Baker*, a client of Caring Hands Ministries in Georgia, the loss of electricity could be life threatening. Suffering from cancer and requiring oxygen to live, Baker was facing a disconnect notice from the local utility company, but Americans Helping Americans® stepped in and helped pay his delinquent utility bills.

Thanks to you, Caring Hands Executive Director was able to report to us a note she received from Baker* after his delinquent bill was made current: “We’re going to be all right now. We’re going to make it.”

*Name changed for confidentiality.