Trickle-down economics – from the haves to the have nots – as political theory may have its skeptics, but at Americans Helping Americans® as a moral imperative it’s a founding principle.

We saw it in action this August in Kentucky thanks to our compassionate supporters who were able to share a bit of their wealth so that Americans Helping Americans® through its partners, Come-Unity Cooperative Care and Cumberland Mountain Outreach were able to “trickle-down” resources to those most in need.

People like 89-year-old Eloise who lives in 30-year-old trailer on a rural road outside of London who without a handicap ramp constructed by Come-Unity volunteers and funded by a cash grant from Americans Helping Americans® would be unable to get in out of her own home benefitted this summer by that “trickle-down.”

So did numerous school children who attended Cumberland Mountain Outreach’s  vacation summer camp, received shoes and school supplies from Americans Helping Americans® through Cumberland Mountain Outreach , as did hundreds of children and families, seniors and veterans who received food boxes on a regular basis from Come-Unity due to the “trickle-down” from you, to us, to them.

Americans Helping Americans® was created with the “trickle-down” concept in mind – connecting those with resources with those in need in the most poverty-stricken areas of the country.

And thanks to you, it works.