teddyWhen a child enters a hospital room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and sees their injured parent – sometimes missing limbs or suffering from severe burns – it can be a very traumatic experience for them.

But it was gratifying and heartwarming to hear directly this summer from Arms Outstretched Ministries executive director Michelle Humphries about what a difference it makes when a young boy or girl in that situation receives a teddy bear through the Americans Helping Americans®’ Teddy Bear Buddies program.

Humphries has witnessed on many occasions how a child simply lights up, even in the midst of the most troubling of times, and is comforted by a little stuffed bear. “It just brightens up their whole word,” she told us. “They love those bears.”

Americans Helping Americans® is proud and honored to partner with Arms Outstretched in its mission to assist the nation’s wounded warriors, low-income military families struggling to make ends meet on an enlisted solder’s salary, and veterans who have helped to keep the country safe and secure.

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