Tanya, who has learning disabilities, grew up being regarded as “stupid and useless.” However, that did not deter this determined young woman from becoming self-sufficient.

Today, thanks to the supporters of Americans Helping Americans®, our partner in Cleveland, Georgia, Caring Hands Ministries, was able to start its Farm and Home Program. The program matches farmers with affordable helpers. In return, the farmers not only pay their wages; they provide them with a place to live on the farm.

“Tanya is now part of our Farm and Home Program and for the first time sees herself as valuable,” says Caring Hands executive director Ann Fleming.

“The farm owner is pleased with her work and says she will have a job and a home as long as the farm continues.

“She has a lot to learn, but she is learning – and also learning to let her family know that she is not ‘useless.’”

Caring Hands’ Farm and Home Program is a win-win, not only for people like Tanya, but also for struggling farmers.

“One farm owner says the program is helping save her family farm,” Ann told us.