This year’s summer camp season has come to a close and children are getting excited (most of them anyway) about soon returning to school and being back again with their friends, classmates and teachers.

Thanks to your support to Americans Helping Americans®, thousands of low-income children will have fond memories of a fun-filled week at one of the numerous summer camp programs operated by our partner programs in the poorest regions of Appalachia.

Through your generous donations, children received nutritious meals they might not have gotten at home, retained learning skills from the previous school year and gained new ones (perhaps without even realizing it), and, best for them, enjoyed participating in fun activities while “just being a kid.”

At these summer camps in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and West Virginia the children also benefited from the experience of having committed mentors as role models for the future, built what could be lasting friendships and made memories that will last a lifetime.

And boy, will they have quite a story to tell when the teacher asks them on the first day of school “What did you do this summer?”