In recent years, in summer camps organized by Big Creek People in Action in War, West Virginia elementary school children have taken “trips” around the world to places such as Hawaii, Australia, Ireland, and New York City – all without leaving the state!
Through its T.R.A.V.E.L. (Traditions, Research, Arts, Voices, Education and Learning) project, Big Creek People in Action provides the children in its summer camp program the chance to learn about different cultures and traditions. For many of these kids, any ‘trip’ beyond the edge of town is a rare and special treat!
Big Creek People in Action co-Executive Director Marsha Timpson explained that during the summer they have more free time with the students who do not have homework, and she did not want that extra time to be “wasted”.
But she also didn’t want the children to feel like they were in school the whole summer. “I wanted them to continue learning and gaining knowledge during this time.”
Timpson’s enthusiasm for this program, supported by friends of Americans Helping Americans® like you, is inspirational. She’s making learning fun for these kids…and we can only guess who enjoys these “trips” around the world more, the children, or Timpson herself. We wish a Bon Voyage to all … and know that these days in summer camp will only improve the lives of children in need.