Bob is a single dad who had been unemployed while struggling to care for his young son.

He was eager to find a job and work, but did not have proper clothes to go to job interviews, and could not even afford to put gas in his car to look for work. Plus, one of his tires was flat and needed to be replaced.

Bob did not think he had anywhere to turn for help, until he learned of Americans Helping Americans® partner in Cleveland, Georgia, Caring Hands Ministry.

Thanks to the supporters of Americans Helping Americans®, Bob was able to receive a small financial grant from Caring Hands which enabled him to purchase the necessary clothes, replace his tire and put a tank of gas in his car.

“This particular dad had lost his job because of problems with his vehicle,” reported Caring Hands executive director Lafaye Murphy. “He got the car fixed and we were able to give him some leads on jobs. We provided him with gas money so he could go look for a job.”

Within a short time, Bob was offered a job working in a local restaurant – but there was a catch, he needed a new pair of non-slip shoes.

Shoes to give away

“When he got a job, we were able to buy him the necessary shoes that his job required,” said Lafaye. “He still has his job and the father and son are doing well.”

Lafaye noted that without the grant funding provided to Caring Hands, Bob may have still been unemployed to this day, but thanks to the generosity of the supporters of Americans Helping Americans® all it took was a few dollars to get this hard-working single dad back on his feet, and in a brand-new pair of shoes his job required.