A brother and sister who were taken from the mother by the state due to neglect and abuse went to live in their aunt’s home. Shortly after, the aunt’s husband, the family’s sole breadwinner, had a massive heart attack and had to stop working.

They were having a very hard time but managed to keep going. They were so grateful for the computer. It not only made a great Christmas gift, but it helped the children with homework and school projects.

The children love using their computers. Having one in the household has been a boon to the entire family as well.

In addition, computers have not only been beneficial in homework for the students, but also several parents attended a computer class. The parents learned how to do resumes, use the internet, use Word and Excel, and many other programs including taking online courses.

The students benefitted from having the computer during NTI (non-traditional instruction) days. This happens when the weather is bad and also if they are out for school-wide illness. Students are able to get online and do assignments while teachers can watch them from school or home.

And the list of benefits of having a computer in the home only continues to grow.