Food for struggling familiesAre you prepared? At different times of year, households are reminded to stock up on emergency supplies of food/water/batteries…etc in preparation for harsh weather and unforeseen natural disasters that may make these items hard to come by.

In the communities American Helping Americans works with, fellow Americans are unable to prepare for emergencies because they aren’t prepared for the everyday. Each day these families wonder where they will get their next meal; they live in a perpetual state of emergency.


Americans Helping Americans provides funds to help community partners provide food for our struggling neighbors to survive the everyday. The food is used in many different ways. From summer camp meals, holiday dinners to weekly or daily meal distribution, many of our partners are the main source for food for nearby residents.

Your donation contributes to food assistance programs for all of our community partners. Donate today to help us help them.

Thank you for your gift helping those who find it hard to survive daily life.