backpacksAs we all know, it is that time again; and the children are excited (and a bit nervous truth be told) as they return to their schools and new classrooms. Unfortunately, many children in Appalachian America will begin the school year far behind their peers, and often without the supplies needed to participate fully in the classroom.


Did you know that 12% of children in Appalachia never finish their first year of high school?

You can help us break that cycle with a small gift right now that we will use to provide these wonderful children of Appalachia, here in our United States, with the supplies they need to succeed – like glue, tape, paper, pencils, erasers and rulers. You know what they need – it’s what you and I had when we were in school.

Last year, we were only able to send 460 school supply kits to the very neediest children in Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky. These kits included backpacks, pens and pencils, markers, paper and all the essentials for a good school year. This year, we need to do more!

We have already shipped four large pallets of brand new clothing, 144 pairs of new shoes, and arts and craft supplies to Gainesville, Georgia, where the need for these supplies, shoes and clothing for children has tripled just in the last two years! Now, we need to send backpacks full of school supplies to our partners in Appalachia. Will you help us? Please.donate

To make your donation, please support our programs serving children.