While spring is just around the corner, this past harsh winter in northeastern Georgia with its record-setting frigid temperatures and snow and ice storms won’t long be forgotten.

In February, we heard from our partner there, Caring Hands Ministries, that they were experiencing “the worst snow storm in many years” and Executive Director Ann Fleming reported how that during this particularly rough winter how the Americans Helping Americans® utility assistance program made all the difference for hundreds of their clients who otherwise would’ve gone without heat and electricity.

And more than just providing warmth and comfort, we learned that our utility assistance grant funding, made possible through your generous contributions, literally saved lives.

“Today,” Ann told us recently, “you are helping get gas for an elderly couple who have taken in their son and his family, including two young boys” and another who was struggling to pay their utility bills after a medical emergency.

Both families would typically have enough money to pay their utility bill for what would’ve been normal usage for a winter in Georgia.

But this winter is not normal,” Ann informed us. “Americans Helping Americans® and your donors are making such a huge difference here. Please tell the folks that help you ‘thank you for the help and for the hope.’”

We are proud to be able to oblige.