The Spencers, an elderly couple received a new wheelchair ramp and new roof through the graciousness of your donations.

Two weeks ago, our community partner, Appalachian Outreach had the opportunity to serve an elderly couple needing a wheelchair ramp and a new roof. Mr. & Mrs. Spencer have lived in their home for over thirty years, and four years ago Mr. Spencer was in an accident and sustained a brain injury.

Once a very vibrant man that was very helpful to others and did repairs around the house, Mr. Spencer was now unable to care for himself. Ms. Spencer was doing what she could by canning green beans and growing food in her garden, but the home repairs were far beyond her abilities.

Over one and a half weeks, Appalachian Outreach was able to replace the roof, build a deck and two wheelchair ramps with funds provided by Americans Helping Americans!

During the time of the repairs, a volunteer for Appalachian Outreach offered to bring Ms. Spencer some tomatoes.In addition to the work that was done relationships were developed. Mrs. Spencer canned two dozen quarts of tomato juice from the tomatoes the volunteer gave her and showed a few of the volunteers how to quilt.

She became emotional when trying to express her appreciation to those who helped repair her home.

Through the graciousness of your donations, we were able to provide the funds necessary to make these home repairs, and so many more possible.

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