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Mighty Molars


Funding for medical assistance such as purchasing eyeglasses and dentures for poverty-stricken  Americans are hard to come by. These are basic needs many go without. Our programs provide funding to support these programs.


individuals received eye examinations and eyeglasses in Tennessee

Dental kits distributed for children in Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky among other states

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Medical Program History

For the past nearly 15 years Americans Helping Americans® has been helping people throughout Appalachia see, eat and smile better through our eyeglasses and dental programs, as well as providing them with emergency medical assistance for necessary prescriptions in...

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Why dental health matters

Poor dental health is not only painful for children, but is also correlated to persistent poverty. As noted in the New York Times - "Experts have long observed that people’s teeth both reflect and reinforce poverty." This is why we work so hard to ensure...

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