Basic Needs


Food Bank Support

Bare Feet

Utility Support


Food, coats, medical appointments, personal hygiene items are easy to come by for many but many go without. Our programs provide these basic needs.

Our 2017 Impact


individuals benefited from the utility assistance program in Georgia.

individuals received in-kind items

veterans received food support in West Virginia.

Latest Blogs/News

Lack of dental care hurts

We help to provide dental health tools for children in Appalachia because there is clear evidence that dental inequality hurts them in ways that many people can’t imagine. You may know, for example, that there “are striking disparities in dental disease by...

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Why dental health matters

Poor dental health is not only painful for children, but is also correlated to persistent poverty. As noted in the New York Times - "Experts have long observed that people’s teeth both reflect and reinforce poverty." This is why we work so hard to ensure...

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Making teeth “Mighty”

For those in Appalachia who are struggling to put food on the table for their children and themselves, and praying they don’t get sick because they can’t afford the medical bills, dental care is almost nonexistent on their list of priorities. The result, particularly...

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