Our Mission is to join communities, build and strengthen neighbor relations, and work side by side with residents to address community-wide concerns linking resources supportive of a healthy, safe and economically vibrant standard of living.

Basic Needs Programs

Food, clothing, school supplies, coats, medical equipment, personal hygiene items and more are easy to come by for many of us but for poverty-stricken Americans, these are basic needs many go without. 

Housing Programs

Provides families and homeowners with safe and stable housing including, repairing roofs, floors, rotting porches, and stairs, as well as constructing handicap ramps for the elderly and disabled so they may remain in their homes.

Youth Programs

Providing children shoes and boots, school summer enrichment opportunities, and safe environments where kids can eat a nutritious meal and be with mentors.

Veterans Programs

Meets veterans’ essential needs for food, clothing, and housing to honor their sacrifice and commitment to our country, through the cooperation of various organizations in Appalachia.

Wellness Programs

Provides hygiene kits, emergency utility payment assistance, winter coats, new shoes, new blankets, diapers, and more in terms of crisis and severe need.

Education/Vocational Training

Supports vocational programs for young adults who may need remedial help in GED and other training opportunities for them to earn a skilled trade and enter the workforce.