At the start of every new year, millions of Americans make resolutions such as to eat healthier and exercise more, but as the days and weeks of January pass by their resolve to keep those resolutions falls by the wayside as old habits return.

Such is not the case at Americans Helping Americans®. Each year, we resolve to provide after school and summer camp opportunities for kids, rehab, repair houses and trailers of the elderly and disabled so they can continue to live in the home they love, provide basic needs for our fellow citizens down on their luck for whom a pair of shoes, a winter coat – even a box of laundry detergent – is an unaffordable “luxury,” and much more.

And thanks to our supporters who year in and year out who resolve to make a gift to Americans Helping Americans® to benefit others in need, it’s a resolution we have been able to keep every day for over 20 years and with your help it’s a resolution we will able to continue to keep for many years to come.