Many of the homes we work with are in such disrepair that they are unlivable, but the expense of the repairs required is oftentimes too much for the residents to afford.

Every year Americans Helping Americans helps fund volunteer groups assisting people like Mrs. Carpenter, an elderly woman in a hazardous living situation, with vital home repairs; vastly improving their quality of life. Read Mrs. Carpenter’s story…

Mrs. Carpenter is an 81-year-old lady who lives alone in a small trailer in Morristown, Tennessee.
A few months ago, Mrs. Carpenter fell in her home and suffered an injury to her hip. This was likely caused by the poor condition of her floors. When we arrived, she had not taken a bath or shower for several months because she was unable to get in and out of her bathtub. The staff of Appalachian Outreach joined with volunteers from the James Madison University and repaired the flooring in her living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. New sub-flooring and finished tile flooring was installed.

In addition, a new walk-in shower was installed in her bathroom along with a new chair-height commode and vanity.

Finally, the rear porch was repaired and a new roof built in order to provide better access into her trailer. Mrs. Carpenter was elated with the changes to her home and she is now able to get around safely and is also able to bathe without fear of injury.

Submitted by Appalachian Outreach in TN