Marsha Timpson and Dyanne Spriggs became best friends in elementary school while growing up in rural West Virginia. Today, not only have they remained best friends and continued living in their hometown; as co-executive directors of Big Creek People in Action, they are dedicated to serving the people most in need in the community they love.

While Marsha and Dyanne may not accurately be described as being two peas in a pod, they share the same mission of providing a high quality after-school program for dozens of elementary school children, ensuring that elderly and disabled local residents can stay in their homes through a home rehabilitation program which repairs leaking roofs and installs handicap ramps, and much more.

At Americans Helping Americans® we would never presume to tell this dynamic duo what the needs are in their community. But, as we have done for nearly 30 years, we rely on them to tell us what their greatest needs are, and together work to address those needs and help build a better future for the children of McDowell County, and a better life for its senior citizens who want only to continue to be able live simply in the home they love.

And we commend Marsha and Dyanne for devoting their lives to doing just that.