Every individual makes a difference.The flood of media coverage about the economy that has spread fear and uncertainty has had serious consequences for charitable organizations worldwide. A lot of people have been asking how donations are going this holiday season, knowing that the bulk of our individual giving happens in December.

The answer is we are not yet sure how just how badly the economy has affected our revenue. We know November underperformed in comparison to last year. Some of our supporters are sending more than usual (for which we are very grateful!) and others are not sending as much (and we understand why). But, we must hope that in the final days of the year and in January that our support remains steady. For those who have yet to contribute – – it is never too late!

Many of our programs are at the front lines for people in need. They come to us when they are in crisis and need help. It is no surprise that we’re seeing an uptick in numbers seeking help. And, our programs are effective. We are the only solution for too many of those families and so we hope, for their sake, that our organization continues to receive the support of kind friends like you.