(Names were changed by Americans Helping Americans to protect their identies)
My name is “Sarah” and I have been a military wife for (many) years, as my husband and I married before he joined (and) it has been one wonderful ride. We have two children a 4 and 3 year old.  I was told about your ministry and stopped by Saturday in hopes of some, any, help. I was greeted with smiles as I brought my husband and oldest daughter to check out what you all were doing there.

We are a struggling E4 family who at our last duty station had ‘free rummage sales’ and giveaways for families almost every weekend. I help out new wives here on base with resources and do everything I can to help them through the newness of this lifestyle. However, my husband and I have been very much struggling with money and faith. Although my husband is a man of God, and lives his life selflessly for that of others, I am working my way there and support him 110%. What you (and everyone who) brought together Saturday was absolutely beautiful. To know someone cares and does so much for these families is fitting to call you one kind of an angel to us. Our daughters got a puzzle, our oldest got pajamas and also they received each a pretty doll to play with. The food made us dinner that night and how thankful we were to be able to eat. We try to help everyone around us but right now things keep coming up (God’s will and there is always a way with Him so with my trust I know He has his plan…) ….. Things have been so hard on us and that event you had gave us so much hope, so much love to see people out there do help and care about our military. It’s so hard right now and I just can’t stop smiling over how happy our children were to receive what they did. Thank you, so much from the bottom of our hearts. It’s  people like you and your ministry that can bring even more smiles to our family through all these hard times… 

“Sarah” & “Nick”