Children in War, West Virginia have a reason to celebrate today and give thanks to our dedicated and determined partner there, Big Creek People in Action (BCPIA), a group of hardworking students from Adrian College in Michigan, and our own generous and loyal supporters.
“We have a local playground in War and the children were almost unable to utilize it,” Marsha Timpson, BCPIA co-executive director who organizes the groups of volunteers, told us. “It was really cold and windy but they went right out there and got the job done!”
Marsha explained that when it rained the playground would be “muddy and messy” and kids “couldn’t come down the slides because they literally ended up in a big mud hole.”
However, she added, as typical kids, and boys likely more so than girls, “The children would probably have been fine with this, to tell the truth, but the parents didn’t like it much!
“What a difference it made for that playground!” she added.
Today, we just want to pass along the gratitude from the children who now have a like-new playground, as in this case, a picture is truly worth a thousand thanks.