HELPER OF THE MONTH Flavaine Carvalho


February 5, 2021

She saw a cry for help and saved his days from further abuse.

Americans Helping Americans is honored to award the first Helper of the Month Award of 2021, with a $500 grant to waitress, Flavaine Carvalho,  for her quick thinking and courageous actions in spotting a victim of child abuse while working at a Orlando Restaurant and stepping in to save a child, and likely his sister, from days filled with abuse and neglect.

You can read more of her story here

Children are too often the most innocent victims of the vicious cycle of poverty that AHA has worked for decades to help overcome.

  • Whether suffering from hunger, because their out-of-work parents can’t provide food or these days, school is not in session and the lunches and breakfasts served to many are no longer available.
  • Whether suffering from cold, because they simply don’t have warm coats and boots to wear.
  • Whether suffering from the digital divide, unable to complete lessons during these days of virtual learning during the COVID pandemic.
  • Whether suffering from neglect and abuse, because their family can’t, or won’t, care for their health and welfare.

In recent days, there have been too many stories about the neglect felt by innocent children.  We hear them from our partners on a regular basis.  We know that, quite simply, poverty is a culprit behind child abuse.

Flavaine represents the best of Americans Helping Americans and has touched a nation with her story of not turning her back to vulnerable child who has obvious signs of abuse.  AHA’s hope in spotlighting everyday Hero’s will remind others in this great nation to step up, with courage, take action… and be somebody’s HERO!  That is what AMERICANS HELPING AMERICANS is all about. Knowing how pervasive the issue of child abuse and poverty is, AHA is also pleased to also contribute $500 to the child’s trusted on-line account with the local police department and in both the boy and Flavaines honor, AHA is making a grant of $500 to  Harbor House of Central Florida, to support their efforts to combat child neglect in the region.   Harbor house

Indeed, Americans Help Americans, one person, one community, one at a time.

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