In Lee County, Kentucky, described by The New York Times as one of the “hardest” places to live in the country, a pair of new socks and shoes is a luxury many parents cannot afford for their children.

But this Giving Tuesday, December 3, for just $21 you can ensure a child has both to keep their feet warm and dry all through winter and spring.

“Our county poverty rate for children under the age of 18 is above 80 percent,” says our partner there, Sherry Lanham, director of the Lee County Family Resource Center. “Most of our children never receive new socks and shoes.

“With a free lunch rate of over 85 percent and a poverty rate that is very high, most of our families cannot afford food, and shoes and clothes are often handed down from child to child,” she added. “Many of our children did not even have shoes that fit them and they were wearing whatever they could find.”

For Giving Tuesday, Americans Helping Americans® has partnered with Boldfoot Socks which prides itself on its premium American-made quality socks manufactured in North Carolina, and made with American-grown Supima Cotton: Boldfoot socks are American through and through.

“At Boldfoot, we aim to prove that ‘American-made’ stands for something, and we’re starting from the ground up with awesome socks,” says founder Brad Christmann “Quality is our biggest priority in everything we do, and we’re proud to say that our socks are 100 percent American-made and sourced.”

At Americans Helping Americans® we see this Giving Tuesday opportunity as a win-win for both the children who will be receiving the best pair of socks and shoes they have ever owned while supporting American manufacturing jobs and with your gift of $21 you will be doing both!

“These socks and shoes will not only keep their feet warm and dry, but it helps their self-esteem,” says Sherry. “Funding in this area is so hard to obtain and with your gift of $21 many of our students will be served and will be so happy!

“This helps children, parents and everyone involved. There is no way our parents will be able to purchase socks and shoes for their children.”