Nearly one in five of the 300 elementary aged children in area schools served by Americans Helping Americans® partner Big Creek People in Action (BCPIA) in War, West Virginia, benefits from its “Extra Cool Afterschool” program.

During any given week there will be around 20 children who will be picked up at the school by BCPIA staff and brought to the state-licensed afterschool program where they receive one-on-one tutoring to ensure they understand the concepts (such as multiplying and dividing fractions) that they were taught in class that day, as well as getting to enjoy some fun learning activities.

But before they are driven home in the BCPIA van in the early evening, they are also given a filling, nutritious meal to ensure they will not be going to be hungry.

For many, such as young “Denny” who only needed a small incentive such as a piece of candy, it was all that was necessary to ensure he did his homework and who now excels in quizzes and tests at school, we were told by a BCPIA afterschool teacher recently.

And for us at Americans Helping Americans® we are proud to be able to assist in providing that little boost that makes a huge difference in the lives of young boys and girls – even if they are too young to realize it themselves right now.