Anna R. is a teenage girl whose mom was no longer able to care for her due to lingering health problems. Rejected by her step mother, she wasn’t able to live with her father. Fortunately, Anna had a loving uncle that welcomed her into his home with his wife and five sons. Being a house full of boys, Anna needed some girl clothing – and some other things of her own to give semblance of being a normal teenager.

Anna’s uncle brought her and the other family members to “Clothes Day” sponsored by one of our community partners where she received new shoes, coat, blanket, hygiene items and school supplies. Her uncle is a farm worker with limited income. He struggles day to day to make ends meet for the family.

Thanks to your support, and the love of her uncle as he took on the role of a father figure, Anna now has a bed and has made a “room of her own” by curtaining off part of the living room. She is also in school and trying to adjust in a new environment.