Americans Helping Americans® supports gardening programs in Appalachia so that families with even just a small plot of land for a garden can make the best use of what they have.

Of course, the direct benefit is the fresh fruits and vegetables they are able to enjoy all summer long plucked right from their own backyard, but the sense of pride and accomplishment, especially among children, cannot be understated.

However, as August draws to a close and the gardening season is winding down, that doesn’t mean they will no longer be able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of their labors.

Many of the gardening programs, such as the one operated by Cumberland Mountain Outreach in Beattyville, Kentucky includes a component which teaches participants how to properly can vegetables and make jams and jellies, thereby preserving their bounty long into the fall and winter months.

In fact, in Beattyville, the University of Kentucky Agriculture Extension Office even provides access to a certified commercial grade kitchen for those who might wish to sell their products at a farmers market to earn a little extra income, if they can bear to part with the delicious bounty they produced.