Sticky fingers…on toys…or on computer keyboards, were all buzzing away at the community center in War, WV during the last weeks of  May. Children had safe refuge and tutoring in the after-school programs. Adults were taking much-needed computer literacy training in the modern computer lab located in the center. From the youngest of children, to mothers needing to get a job, to returning veterans wanting to improve their job prospects — all were learning through the literacy, tutorial and job skills programs made available in War and other nearby communities with the help of Americans Helping Americans®.

And looking beyond the sticky fingers, we also observed the determination…of the mothers to see their children graduate from the local K-12 school…of the Army veteran to secure a job requiring some programming skills…of the high school junior to be the first in the family to attend college.

During the coming months, we will be working to expand summer education programs for children, young adults, and adults alike in these hard-stricken and isolated communities.

We thank you for making so much possible, for so many. This part of our country– our America — is full of pride, full of dignity, full of beauty…and full of need. Together, with your help, we can continue to rebuild broken homes and, most importantly, build dreams for the future.