Marjy Stagmeier

Congratulations to Marjy Stagmeier – Our Helper of the Month for May!

May 28, 2021

Americans Helping Americans® is honored to award Marjy Stagmeier and her team at Star-C programs our Helper of the Month Award for May. Congratulations, Marjy!

Marjy Stagmeier is a landlord with a good heart who started the charity Star-C Programs to help pay for the rents of tenants in Georgia. Her organization has partnered with 265 landlords, encompassing over 55,000 affordable and workforce units in 14 counties.

“Many children have come through the Star-C after-school program, who are now doctors, plumbers, and school-teachers, earning good wages that moved them out of poverty,” she told Good News Network. “Almost 100 families have elevated from renting to home ownership because we kept rents low so families can save their money.”

Her work joins Americans Helping Americans’ goal of keeping families in their homes and off the streets.

The Helper of the Month Award is designed to show the amazing, wonderful, hard-working, and dedicated people in American communities. We’ll be sharing these stories with you in the hopes that you’ll walk away as inspired as we are to do good things in your community!

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