We would like to acknowledge David Garrison as the recipient of the Americans Helping Americans® – Helper of the Month award for January! Congratulations, David!

David became involved with our partner, Caring Hands Ministries of Cleveland, Georgia, several years ago through their Christmas dinner.

He read an article in the paper that stated Caring Hands needed toys for the dinner and at the auction. Very soon after, he encouraged people to donate toys.

That year, David and crew showed up at the dinner with 4 trucks and 2 trailers full of toys to give away to children in need in his community.

The next year, not only did he collect toys, he also sold raffle tickets for a chance to shave his beard! Throughout the years he has always found a way to donate by creating events to raise goods or money for different causes. His sons have always been at every event as well.

These include organizing seasonal shows that benefit Caring Hands directly, help supplement school supplies before school begins, and provide toys to children before the holidays.

He also hosts a monthly show with a portion of the proceeds to go to help where ever it is needed most.

Executive director Lafaye Murphy says, “David is always willing to help somebody in need and will go out of his way to do it. He has been a really big help to us throughout the years.”  

The Helper of the Month Award is designed to show the amazing, wonderful, hard-working, and dedicated people in the Appalachian communities we serve every day. Each month, we’ll be sharing these stories with you in the hopes that you’ll walk away as inspired as we are to do good things in your community!