Out of 420 counties in Appalachia, 93 are considered ‘distressed’.  In the Appalachian region of Kentucky alone, more than one fourth of residents live below the federal poverty rate; the per capita income there is $18,739.  To compound the situation, the unemployment rate exceeds 10 percent.  In West Virginia, more than half of the children live in a ‘low-income’ household.
For so many families in Appalachia, day to day life is difficult.  And compounding their challenge is the frigid cold of winter.
It’s the children that often suffer the most during the cold months ahead.  The children that sleep in homes that let in the cold air.  The children that wait outside waiting for the school bus to arrive.  The children that often aren’t sure if their dinner table will be full come the end of the week.
That’s why Americans Helping Americans is launching “Coats4Americans”.  In the month of December, our goal is to provide coats, gloves, mittens and boots to warm over 2,000 children.
2300 coats.  2600 gloves and scarves.  1300 hats.  All to make life a little warmer for these poorest of the poor.
We’ll launch the campaign on “GivingTuesday”, on December 1.  On that one day, people around the country are asked to remember those most in need.  And on that one day, we know our supporters will remember the many children that today live in some of the poorest counties of our country.   The children that need to stay warm in the winter.
#Coats4Americans.  It’s about the numbers.  2,300 coats + 2,600 gloves and scarves + 1,300 hats = More than 2,000 warm children
#Coat4Americans.  It’s about the 2,000 kids.