Make your donation in support of our programs today!Life can take unexpected turns, but many in Appalachia lack the resources to prepare for these surprises.

One family we helped fell on hard times when their daughter had a stroke during her sixth month of her pregnancy. The family was living in a trailer with pieces of the floor missing, windows covered by cardboard to keep the rain from coming into the house and to keep the cold weather out. The parents, surviving only on their social security, were able to pay for the extensive medical bills with help from governmental assistance but were unable to pay a bill that is just as important, their heating bill.

Emergency Utilities AssistanceIt is a sad fact that some in Appalachia suffer through cold weather with little or no heat in order to assure other basic needs such as food and medical expenses are met, but what basic need would you choose to go without in desperate times?

The winter months are not over. All around the hollers and hills men, women, and children continue to brave the cold so that they can eat or go to the doctor. You can help take the worry of a monthly utility bill off of the minds of mothers and fathers dealing with much more than the issue of warmth in a home by contributing online or by mailing in your gift today!