For many impoverished children in one of our nation’s poorest regions, summer is a long, dull, and often times and potentially dangerous few months as many children are left at home unsupervised.

Studies show that children living in rural areas of the US or that come from low-income families are at a significantly greater risk from unintentional injury-related death. Whether from an inability to afford medical treatment for injuries or from a lack of supervision due to both parents working all day – there is no doubt that these children are in great need of our attention during the long summer months.

Americans Helping Americans® strives to provide summer camps with a goal of providing a SAFE atmosphere while allowing them to make lifelong memories and lasting friendships throughout the summer.

Thanks to your generous support, 1,932 children attended summer camp in the summer of 2013 at camps in Kentucky, Georgia, West Virginia, and Virginia. These camps helps to make sure children have committed mentors, educational opportunities, and healthy meals during the summer months.

One Camper’s Story

campDaniel is a 10-year-old who lives in a remote area of West Virginia. His nearest neighbor is a half of a mile away.He attends all of our summer camps each year because he would have nothing to do otherwise. Daniel’s parents support every event that ABLE Families (our partner in West Virginia) holds and will regularly remark about what an important role ABLE Families plays in their lives especially in the lives of their children.

Daniel dreams of being a pediatrician. That is a really big dream for a child whose parents did not finish high school and who lives in a county where less than 10% of the population has ever attended college.

Daniel has been attending after school programs and summer camps at ABLE Families since he was six. His dreams have been supported and encouraged by the staff. Funding from Americans Helping Americans® has made it possible for ABLE Families to support the dreams of children like Daniel.

(Submitted by ABLE Families in WV)