In Tennessee, Diane’s husband passed away after a long illness earlier this year. She and her husband had come to our partner Appalachian Outreach for help with repairs to their home and basic necessities such as food and clothing provided by Americans Helping Americans®.

 “We developed a friendship with this sweet couple,” said Appalachian Outreach Ministry Coordinator Karrie Foust. “When Diane comes in now we like to take some extra time with her to talk and see how she is doing.”

 During a recent visit, Karrie presented her with a new blanket to keep her warm at home.

 “She was so happy when we gave her one of the blankets we received from Americans Helping Americans®,” said Karrie.

 With Christmas coming up, Diane told Karrie, “Now that I am by myself I don’t have anyone to give me presents. Thank you very much for time and for being so nice when I come here.”

 “We don’t always realize how something so small can make someone’s day,” reported Karrie. “Thank you Americans Helping Americans® for providing these items for us to share with our families.”