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Americans Helping Americans® is proud to be a five-star Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2013, and we want to retain that rating for 2014.

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Here’s what a few of our reviewers had to say:

Afchmi, professional with expertise in the field – Oct. 2, 2014:
“Americans Helping Americans® found us in 2010 and has helped greatly in providing both funds and in-kind materials that have enabled us to at least double the number of people we have been able to help. They have also offered much positive feedback and encouragement. These people really care.”

joesmom, general member of the public – Oct. 2, 2014:
“My son was afraid to go to school. Last year, he kept getting in school suspension and punishments because he did not have the supplies the school said he had to have and because his shoes had rips in them. I want my kids to have everything but food and a place to stay has got to be the first thing. Then my neighbor read in the paper that this Americans Helping Americans® had sent a lot of school supplies and back packs for the kids here and the place that got them was giving them away. They had everything he needed. They even had shoes! Nice new shoes. I just broke down and cried. They even told me that this Americans Helping Americans® place was sending them sandwiches the next week and I could have some of those too. I almost couldn’t believe it. Somebody cares. My son got in that school bus and he was smiling, really smiling. You helped to change my son. He is liking school this year and not afraid.”

Pdog, general member of the public – Oct. 29, 2013:
“I have supported Americans Helping Americans® for years. They go into the communities where help is needed the most and support grassroots efforts that are already underway in those communities. In doing this, they are helping the communities to help themselves. It isn’t a handout. It is building up of the communities that are in trouble and making them stronger from the inside out.”

AmandaGA, client served – Oct. 21, 2013:
“My kids got coats. It was 25 degrees that night. We got blankets too at [Americans Helping Americans® partner organization] Caring Hands Ministries [in Cleveland, Georgia]. They said [Americans Helping Americans®] sent them. God bless you.”

I Stand in the Gap, volunteer – Oct. 4, 2013:
“I have helped unload and distribute items provided by Americans Helping Americans® — food, blankets, etc. – for those in need in the North Georgia area. I’ve also been a recipient of their veterans’ food boxes when times were tough. Americans Helping Americans® serves a great need in our community, and I am glad to support their work!”