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Americans Helping Americans® believes that children are the basis for ensuring vitality and growth in our communities. Given opportunities to stay active, think creatively and learn through experiences, Americans Helping Americans® helps youth living in Appalachia and in other areas throughout the nation take pride in themselves, their heritage and in their surroundings.

With programs giving children shoes and boots, teddy bear buddies, school supplies, summer enrichment opportunities, and safe environments where kids can eat a warm meal and surround themselves with mentors; Americans Helping Americans® is helping to ensure the health and well-being of our nation’s children and restoring the confidence of so many communities living in poor circumstances.

Our Impact in 2016

elementary and Junior High students received backpacks filled with school supplies throughout Appalachia

young adults received one-on-one remedial tutoring support through a vocational training program.

youth benefitted from an afterschool program in Georgia

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