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For many Appalachian parents being able to support the educational efforts of their children is a challenge.

During the school year, we support after-school programs in which many children can take part in fun, learning activities, and receive one on one tutoring.



youth benefited from an afterschool program in Georgia

young adults recieved one-on one remedial tutoring support through a vocational training program with support from us.

students received backpacks filled with school supplies throughout Appalachia.

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Story of the Week

It’s always great to see communities come together for the benefit of others. This week’s Story of The Week is about just that. Thanks to our supporters, we have the joy of providing school supplies to children in Appalachia. As noted in a recent news article, our...

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A Digital Divide Success Story

Many school children in Appalachia live with no computer and broadband internet access at home.   That means that low-income students without computers cannot do their homework. They cannot conduct research for school projects. They cannot email their teachers if they...

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