Every Day is Veterans Day

Every Day is Veterans Day

Veteran SupportAlthough Veterans Day is not until Nov. 11, we here at Americans Helping Americans® work to provide assistance every day to those who have sacrificed to serve their country in the most patriotic way possible – through military service – in their time of need.

That includes shipping to our partner organizations hundreds of food boxes packaged specifically for veterans and containing enough non-perishable items such as canned soup, stew, fruits and vegetables, dried beans, rice and instant potatoes to help them get through the month.

Caring Hands Ministries in Cleveland, Georgia, and Come-Unity Cooperative Care in London, Kentucky, are among our partners who distribute the food boxes to veterans received through Americans Helping Americans®.

At Of One Accord, our partner in Rogersville, Tennessee, we were pleased to be able to be on hand this spring as they delivered meals to dozens of veterans – something they do on a daily basis to ensure the veterans in their community have at least one, hot, filling delicious “southern-style” home-cooked meal every weekday.

In addition to food, Americans Helping Americans® is proud to partner with numerous nonprofit organizations in Appalachia to repair roofs, fix floors, install new bathrooms and build handicap ramps for veterans to make their lives in their golden years much easier.

Review Americans Helping Americans® at GreatNonprofits

Review Americans Helping Americans® at GreatNonprofits

GreatNonprofitsGreatNonprofits is a place to find trustworthy nonprofits – such as Americans Helping Americans®

To do that they rely on reviews from the general public, donors, volunteers, clients and professionals with expertise in the field.

Americans Helping Americans® is proud to be a five-star Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2013, and we want to retain that rating for 2014.

Please help by going to http://greatnonprofits.org/org/americans-helping-americans and submitting your review sharing your experiences with Americans Helping Americans®.

Here’s what a few of our reviewers had to say:

Afchmi, professional with expertise in the field – Oct. 2, 2014:
“Americans Helping Americans® found us in 2010 and has helped greatly in providing both funds and in-kind materials that have enabled us to at least double the number of people we have been able to help. They have also offered much positive feedback and encouragement. These people really care.”

joesmom, general member of the public – Oct. 2, 2014:
“My son was afraid to go to school. Last year, he kept getting in school suspension and punishments because he did not have the supplies the school said he had to have and because his shoes had rips in them. I want my kids to have everything but food and a place to stay has got to be the first thing. Then my neighbor read in the paper that this Americans Helping Americans® had sent a lot of school supplies and back packs for the kids here and the place that got them was giving them away. They had everything he needed. They even had shoes! Nice new shoes. I just broke down and cried. They even told me that this Americans Helping Americans® place was sending them sandwiches the next week and I could have some of those too. I almost couldn’t believe it. Somebody cares. My son got in that school bus and he was smiling, really smiling. You helped to change my son. He is liking school this year and not afraid.”

Pdog, general member of the public – Oct. 29, 2013:
“I have supported Americans Helping Americans® for years. They go into the communities where help is needed the most and support grassroots efforts that are already underway in those communities. In doing this, they are helping the communities to help themselves. It isn’t a handout. It is building up of the communities that are in trouble and making them stronger from the inside out.”

AmandaGA, client served – Oct. 21, 2013:
“My kids got coats. It was 25 degrees that night. We got blankets too at [Americans Helping Americans® partner organization] Caring Hands Ministries [in Cleveland, Georgia]. They said [Americans Helping Americans®] sent them. God bless you.”

I Stand in the Gap, volunteer – Oct. 4, 2013:
“I have helped unload and distribute items provided by Americans Helping Americans® — food, blankets, etc. – for those in need in the North Georgia area. I’ve also been a recipient of their veterans’ food boxes when times were tough. Americans Helping Americans® serves a great need in our community, and I am glad to support their work!”

‘Trickling Down’ in Eastern Kentucky

‘Trickling Down’ in Eastern Kentucky

Trickle-down economics – from the haves to the have nots – as political theory may have its skeptics, but at Americans Helping Americans® as a moral imperative it’s a founding principle.

We saw it in action this August in Kentucky thanks to our compassionate supporters who were able to share a bit of their wealth so that Americans Helping Americans® through its partners, Come-Unity Cooperative Care and Cumberland Mountain Outreach were able to “trickle-down” resources to those most in need.

People like 89-year-old Eloise who lives in 30-year-old trailer on a rural road outside of London who without a handicap ramp constructed by Come-Unity volunteers and funded by a cash grant from Americans Helping Americans® would be unable to get in out of her own home benefitted this summer by that “trickle-down.”

So did numerous school children who attended Cumberland Mountain Outreach’s  vacation summer camp, received shoes and school supplies from Americans Helping Americans® through Cumberland Mountain Outreach , as did hundreds of children and families, seniors and veterans who received food boxes on a regular basis from Come-Unity due to the “trickle-down” from you, to us, to them.

Americans Helping Americans® was created with the “trickle-down” concept in mind – connecting those with resources with those in need in the most poverty-stricken areas of the country.

And thanks to you, it works.




Teddy Bear Buddies Comfort Wounded Soldiers’ Children

Teddy Bear Buddies Comfort Wounded Soldiers’ Children

teddyWhen a child enters a hospital room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and sees their injured parent – sometimes missing limbs or suffering from severe burns – it can be a very traumatic experience for them.

But it was gratifying and heartwarming to hear directly this summer from Arms Outstretched Ministries executive director Michelle Humphries about what a difference it makes when a young boy or girl in that situation receives a teddy bear through the Americans Helping Americans®’ Teddy Bear Buddies program.

Humphries has witnessed on many occasions how a child simply lights up, even in the midst of the most troubling of times, and is comforted by a little stuffed bear. “It just brightens up their whole word,” she told us. “They love those bears.”

Americans Helping Americans® is proud and honored to partner with Arms Outstretched in its mission to assist the nation’s wounded warriors, low-income military families struggling to make ends meet on an enlisted solder’s salary, and veterans who have helped to keep the country safe and secure.

Make your donation in support of our programs today

Make your donation in support of our programs today!

We thank those serving in the armed forces today, and those veterans who served in past. And we thank you for helping us to help them.

Education…For All Ages

Education…For All Ages

Sticky fingers…on toys…or on computer keyboards, were all buzzing away at the community center in War, WV during the last weeks of  May. Children had safe refuge and tutoring in the after-school programs. Adults were taking much-needed computer literacy training in the modern computer lab located in the center. From the youngest of children, to mothers needing to get a job, to returning veterans wanting to improve their job prospects — all were learning through the literacy, tutorial and job skills programs made available in War and other nearby communities with the help of Americans Helping Americans®.

And looking beyond the sticky fingers, we also observed the determination…of the mothers to see their children graduate from the local K-12 school…of the Army veteran to secure a job requiring some programming skills…of the high school junior to be the first in the family to attend college.

During the coming months, we will be working to expand summer education programs for children, young adults, and adults alike in these hard-stricken and isolated communities.

We thank you for making so much possible, for so many. This part of our country– our America — is full of pride, full of dignity, full of beauty…and full of need. Together, with your help, we can continue to rebuild broken homes and, most importantly, build dreams for the future.

See What YOU Help Us Accomplish Each Year!

See What YOU Help Us Accomplish Each Year!

Did you know that one in five children in America lives in poverty? Astonishing isn’t it?

As the saying goes, “there is a third world country right in your backyard.” Americans Helping Americans® is taking a stand to alleviate the distress Americans in Appalachia encounter by creating long-term solutions to hunger, limited education, substandard housing and medical care.

Our ultimate goal is to stimulate self-sufficiency among our fellow Americans in need.

By supporting Americans Helping Americans®, you are helping families who worry about where their next meal will come from; you are providing new shoes for a child and giving them a reason to look forward to the first day of school. In addition, you are supporting our Clothing and Emergency Assistance Service Program which provides individuals and families with emergency home repairs and clothing.

We work in close partnership with local churches, civic groups, and grassroots organization to build poverty stricken neighborhoods and enrich lifestyles.

Thanks to your support and gifts in 2013, we were able to help MORE THAN 25,000 children, families, and veterans with food, clothing, utilities, medical care, toys for Christmas and turkeys for Thanksgiving. We also helped MORE THAN 860 people with much-needed house repairs to make their homes safer for them and their children.

Looking back we’re so proud of all that we were able to accomplish, with your help, throughout some of the most desperate areas in Appalachia and throughout America. In 2014, we’ve set our sights even higher and hope to help many more!