What We Do…Who We Are

What We Do…Who We Are

Our Mission is to join communities, build and strengthen neighbor relations, and work side by side with residents to address community-wide concerns linking resources supportive of a healthy, safe and economically vibrant standard of living.

Our goal is to ease unnecessary and chronic suffering by creating long-term solutions to the problems of hunger, limited education, substandard housing and insufficient medical care.


WE’RE COLLECTING! Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education

WE’RE COLLECTING! Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education

It’s easy to pitch in. Simply save labels or clip proofs of purchase from any of the following eligible Campbell products:

Campbell’s Soup

Franco-American Spaghetti O’s pasta

Prego Pasta Sauce

labels-for-educationSwanson Broths and Canned Poultry

Pace Salsa and Picante sauces

V8 and V8 splash juices

Campbell’s Tomato Juices

Pepperidge Farm Breads, Cookies, Cra

Repairing Homes and Changing Lives

Repairing Homes and Changing Lives

A home with more people than rooms and no indoor plumbing is classified as substandard.

In some areas of Appalachia, nearly 17% of the homes meet these qualifications.

For this reason, Americans Helping Americans® supports local organizations in home repairs. We complete extensive home repairs, including, but not limited to, roof and floor repair, insulation and handicapped ramp installations in Appalachian communities in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Honoring Our Military

Honoring Our Military

Remembering Those Who’ve Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Our Freedom.
Gene Krizek

This Memorial Day, and every day, Americans Helping Americans® thanks our service men and women for putting their lives on the line for our country’s freedom. With grateful hearts we remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty while fighting for our freedom. (more…)

Founder and Volunteer Spokesperson Eugene L. Krizek

Founder and Volunteer Spokesperson Eugene L. Krizek

Gene KrizekGene Krizek, the charismatic founder of Americans Helping Americans®, has earned a place in the hearts of thousands of Americans in need. We celebrate his 85th year by sharing with you a glimpse into his amazing life.

Growing up as a child of the Great Depression and witnessing the hardship all around him helped spur Gene on to a lifelong path of helping those less fortunate.

Gene KrizekA former Congressional Administrative Assistant and a retired Foreign Service Officer, he began his distinguished career serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. After the war he distinguished himself in the USAF reserves for 39 more years.

In turn he worked with both President Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy in the early 1960’s, first as the Director of White House Liaison with the State Department, then administering the 1962 National Conference on Bail and Criminal Justice.

Gene and JFKGene went on to earn a special commendation from President Gerald R. Ford in 1976 for his efforts in South East Asia. His work helped 130,000 refugees fleeing the communist regime make a new beginning in America. These refugees, known as boat people, risked drowning in the South China Sea in their attempts to escape to freedom in the West.

Ending his military service in 1985 with the rank of Colonel and earning the Legion of Merit award, Gene continued to give back even after retirement. Through Georgetown University, he joined efforts with Bob Geldof, the British musician behind the Band-Aid Trust concerts for African famine relief. His expertise helped ensure the best distribution of funds raised to help feed the millions of starving people in Ethiopia.

Helping in AppalachiaAlways ready to do more and help more people, Gene went on to found Christian Relief Services Charities, with his wife Adeline as his first volunteer co-founder and board member, in 1985. Since founding its offshoot, Americans Helping Americans® in 1990, he has been honored in Appalachia for his work with the disadvantaged, and was named a “Guardian Angel of West Virginia”.

Giving a hand upGene’s zest for philanthropy has seen him support schools, hospitals, orphanages and self-help programs in Africa, Lithuania, and Haiti. And of course, right here at home Gene has contributed so much to breaking the cycle of poverty, including establishing affordable housing for the homeless.