Fixing Our Roof

Fixing Our Roof

Appreciative of the new roof volunteers at our community partner in West Virginia built for them, Mr. and Mrs. Price, seniors in dire need of a new roof, presented volunteers with the following poem written by Mrs. Price.


Fixing Our Roof

Some people go on big vacations

To have so much summer fun,

But here for us it’s a joy to get work done.

When the Big Creek People in Action

Sent such lovely young folks to fix our roof

To make our home safe for us to live in

It will not leak now when heavy rains come.

The pretty tin will always shine so bright in the sun

With glad hearts this was to our satisfaction.

God bless those wonderful workers

And once again we give all our thanks to the

Americans Helping Americans®

People helping people, help people.

Repairing Homes and Healing Hearts

Repairing Homes and Healing Hearts

Story submitted by our community partner, Ococee Outreach in Cleveland, Tennessee

“Sarah (name changed) from Cleveland, Tennessee is a single mom with a fourteen year old son. She was recently laid off from her job of ten years. Sarah is one of the most optimistic individuals that I have ever met but discouragement was beginning to surface. In addition to losing her job, it became apparent that some home repairs were required. Her roof was leaking, her basement was flooded, and the front porch was beginning to fall. God provided a wonderful team to work alongside Sarah and her son.

The roof and front porch were addressed first, while the basement would take a little longer. It was difficult for Sarah to throw away her personal items that had been ruined by the flood but she realized it was necessary. The volunteers were patient as Sarah went through each item and reminisced about the memories that were attached to them. After several days the walls could be removed and rebuilding could begin.

Hours of blood, sweat and tears resulted not only in a home that was livable but also in lifelong relationships. Sarah had found herself fifteen new friends that loved her more than words could express. As for the team of volunteers, their lives have forever changed as they said, “We have two more loved ones in our family”.”

Honoring and Thanking Veterans and  Active Duty Military

Honoring and Thanking Veterans and Active Duty Military

vetVeterans Day is for thanking the men and women that have served honorably in the military during times of both war and peace and we pay homage to all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedom of the United States of America. By their courage, selflessness and dedication, we are deeply humbled.

Americans Helping Americans® remembers our veterans all year long. Each month we assist over 100 active and retired military personnel to receive wholesome food and reduced cost housing thanks to the generosity of our fellow Americans.


Providing School Supplies for the Children Without

Providing School Supplies for the Children Without

School SuppliesSupport is Needed Throughout the Year.

It is difficult for students to do well in school when they are faced with the worry of having enough school supplies to get them through the school year. Americans Helping Americans® provided 1,900 backpacks to five organizations in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia and Georgia filled with paper, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, scissors, notebooks, erasers, rulers and glue.

Did you know that 12% of children in Appalachia never finish their first year of high school?