Here Comes the Lunch Bus!

The beaming smiles tell it all – those of the young children waiting at the end of a dirt road eager for the bus to arrive and provide a satisfying warm lunch.  It’s the smiles we’ll see this summer generated by the lunches distributed by this specially-outfitted bus, and others like it, throughout rural east Tennessee.  We met with the cooks of the ministry kitchens who, wonderfully and seemingly magically, create and load up hundreds of meals daily throughout the summer when children don’t have access to lunch at school.  A more skillfully organized kitchen surely doesn’t exist!  The drivers of the buses spoke of the long roads, of how they don’t turn a single hungry child away, and of how the kids just jump up and down with excitement at the thought of a filling, nutritious lunch…with dessert to boot!

lunch busOnly a few thousand dollars is required to operate each bus for the entire summer.  Another $5,000 can purchase and retrofit each additional school bus to reach children in the most desolate of areas of east Tennessee.  We just love this most magical of school lunch buses…and we are sure that you do as well.