07_general_app_swingsetFor many impoverished children in one of our nation’s poorest region, Appalachia, summer is a long, dull, and – often times – unsupervised and potentially dangerous few months.

Studies show that children living in rural areas of the US or that come from low-income families are at a significantly greater risk from unintentional injury-related death. Whether from an inability to afford medical treatment for injuries or from a lack of supervision due to both parents working all day – there is no doubt that these children in Appalachia are in great need of our attention during this week dedicated to the safety of our nation’s children.

Americans Helping Americans® strives to provide summer camps for the children of Appalachia. Our goal is to provide a SAFE atmosphere while allowing them to make lifelong memories and lasting friendships throughout the summer.

In fiscal year 2012, Americans Helping Americans® worked in partnership with Community Connection, Cumberland Mountain Outreach, Grandma’s Gift and L.A.M.P ministries to provide children in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee an opportunity to experience educational and organized athletic activities during the summer.

We sent 2,198 children to summer camp for summer 2012.

Keep children safe this summer