Appalachian Programs

ImageSeeking solutions to long term problems in rural communities in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Hard times have become a way of life for folks who live in the Appalachian region of our country.  Even when the 1990’s were deemed to be prosperous years in America, the economy of Appalachia lagged behind the rest of the nation. The good times enjoyed by most Americans in the 90’s never reached these people economically, or socially.

Luckily, thanks to the immense support and donations from our friends who aid our programs, the people of Appalachia are coping.  These programs give fantastic benefits to the community such as food, water, medicine and medical care, rent and utilities assistance, home repair, warm clothing, shoes, school supplies, summer camps and educational enrichment programs for the children and other living essentials.  However, we still are a long way from eradicating these problems, but with help from caring individuals and groups, we are pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps and taking the necessary strides towards progress.

Our Programs in Appalachia Include: