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Our mission is to join communities, build and strengthen neighbor relations, and work side-by-side with residents to address community-wide concerns and to link resources supportive of a healthy, safe and economically comparable standard of living.


  We help improve the digital divide in Appalachia. Your donation can help today.


We help rehab and repair homes in Appalachia. Your donation can help today.


We help support After School programs. Your donation can help today

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Story of the Week

It’s always great to see communities come together for the benefit of others. This week’s Story of The Week is about just that. Thanks to our supporters, we have the joy of providing school supplies to children in Appalachia. As noted in a recent news...

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A Simple Ramp Transformed Joan’s life

Joan is an amputee who is described by our partner in Cleveland, Tennessee, Ocoee Outreach, as having “a precious spirit” and who desperately a new handicap ramp to allow her to get in and out of her home on her own. With grant funding provided by Americans Helping...

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